Video by Kmeel Stock from Pexels

First, a note on themes

Themes were not as obvious as I initially thought. I followed the documentation and tried to use Gem based themes, but no matter what I tried they wouldn’t take.

It turns out, if you have files in your layouts or includes directories, they override any themes you have setup. So all I had to do was wipe out essentially everything in there and voila - Jayfever’s Blog now uses the YAT theme.

Also, you’ll notice a huge mess of characters at the bottom of my last post. I tried plugging in some ASCII art, and that was a big fail.

But I’m a believer in failure.

Failing is a requirement to progress and grow. And since this blog is basically going to act as a dumping ground for me and my web dev escapades, I’m not going to hide mistakes like that. I will point them out later, so that anybody who reads this can watch and learn.


I dont have much else to talk about. I got the theme going, and thats the big thing. I did some other stuff like getting banners up and Favicons, but I’ll talk about that later. I’m sleepy.